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I have a Q&A group on Goodreads. If you have registered there you can ask questions, post comments or just read what is already there (which initially was nothing).

How you can help me

I just read a piece of marketing advice for authors: figure out clever ways to get your fans to spread the word for you. The cleverest way I have figured out is sincerity. I could use your help. Please tell others about my site, stories, book. Link to my site if you have the platform. Links and traffic help me in Google rankings and that produces more traffic. Mostly, tell people with whatever enthusiasm you have. We all do it when we read or see something we want to share. Sometimes, those of us with ADD forget to spread the word. Try not to forget.

Request pdf of Revenge of the Nerd ©2010, 2011 by Peter Schulman

I will accept requests for the .pdf or whatever e-book formats I'm able to create of Revenge of the Nerd until, I don't know when. I will save those requests and send the file when it is available. Revenge of the Nerd is still copyrighted. This is just for those of you who have come along for the ride. It may not be distributed without permission of the author.