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What is Circumstantial Evidence about?

What is happening. Why it’s happening.

I changed my mind.

I said I would never again start posting a story that was not completed. Debuting now: He Said. She Said.

Status: working on chapter 21. Awaiting edits 

Matching differences in Revenge of the Nerd between the word verson and web version seemed a gargantuan task; more than two hours and I didn't even finish Chapter 1. Then I had an idea for scripts to convert both into the same format. I started on 10/25 and finished 11/9. I only had to fix 63 chapters of the web version. After one editing pass of the word verson I will be ready to convert to e-book.

Other (ongoing) matters.

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The Author is a model of consistency. He had six majors, three professions, nineteen employers (including himself three times), three wives and currently has four dogs.

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In his legal career he has been involved with criminals, divorce, support, custody, neighbor feuds and fiduciary taxation - all the fun stuff.