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I was sick for over six weeks. I finally have enough energy to do more than just sustain my cough.

Needless to say, though I’ll say it, I haven’t done any writing or much of anything else. I have so many things to catch up on, but I expect to get back to He Said. She Said this week.


My plans going forward

I said I would not post another story that was not finished. I changed my mind for a number of reasons:

  1. It gives you a reason to come back here.
  2. You won’t have the very long wait required to write and edit the story.
  3. You will have the potential opportunity to see earlier parts of a story change as required by the plot or characterization.
When I wrote the first version (of over 100) of Circumstantial Evidence, I realized I had a big plot problem which required rewriting early chapters. I’ve gotten better, but that kind of situation could happen again.

I am preparing Revenge of the Nerd for sale as an ebook. I will post a notice when it is almost ready for release. At release I will remove the story wherever it is posted and send a free .pdf to everyone who has requested it until that time. I request of those who receive the free .pdf is that they tell their friends of its availability and how much they enjoyed it. It is a request; not a demand. I will not enforce it. I hope those receiving the .pdf will become a part of my unofficial sales force because of their enthusiasm for the story. If this works out, I will do this with future stories: post, convert, distribute .pdfs to those who request them, and publish for sale.

I have an opt-in notification list for important news and new chapters of the current ongoing story. I plan to move this functionality to Facebook when I figure out how.


I’ve started a complete edit of Revenge of the Nerd to catch anything I missed and any corrections I didn’t implement in trying to bring all six files in synch for each chapter. When that is done I will create a .pdf and email it to all of you who have requested it. After I email the .pdf I plan to remove Revenge of the Nerd from all other sites, leave some number of chapters posted here and create digital versions which will be for sale.

I’m looking for an artist who would be interested in doing a cover drawing for Revenge of the Nerd. Since you have read the story I hope you will offer suggestions as to what the drawing should be of.


For those late to reading Revenge of the Nerd, Chapter 82 has a link (5th paragraph, underlined) to a song. You can return by clicking your browser’s Back button. In some browsers right-click and "open link in new tab" will play it without leaving the story.


I have made a lot of changes to my underlying display code. I hope I’ve fixed all the problems resulting from the changes. If you find any problems, please report them to me so I can fix them.


I was wrong when I wrote on 12/11/2010 that "What happens next!!??" was the best compliment an author could receive. It is the second best. Some of you reminded me of what I always thought was the highest praise when I read somebody else's story: I can’t wait to finish it; I hope it never ends.

I have opened a Q&A group on Goodreads. You can ask or discuss anything about Revenge of the Nerd or any other stories or make requests not just for you. You will need to join Goodreads, but it isn't especially intrusive and it is a community that likes to read.


The final chapter of Revenge of the Nerd was posted yesterday afternoon. Within 10 hours it was read by over 1200 of you. I have received much unsolicited praise and thanks. You people have class. I am proud to have shared the story with you and look forward to sharing more in the future. Thank you.

Some of you have asked if I will publish Revenge of the Nerd. I don’t know. If I do, I will remove it wherever it is posted. Feel free to download a copy for yourself from my site. I will, at some point, put the entire thing in a pdf. If you would like that sent to you, please request it now. I will store those emails and send it when it is available. It is still copyrighted. This is just for those of you who have come along for the ride. Please do not distribute it to anyone else without my permission.


In my 5/18 post I talked about keeping javascript enabled so all my tasty code which made it possible to make changes in presentation in one place would work. Score a big success for that code. I modified and tested it in less than half an hour yesterday to set up standard links in Revenge of the Nerd to look like buttons so I could make the link in Chapter 82 look like a link instead of a button.

My template for chapters has only ten lines of code including code which includes other code. I’m excited it proved to be so effective. By telling you, I have also proved beyond any doubt my qualification to write about nerds.

5/18/2011 - Javascript

Back in February I did a fair bit of coding to make it easier to implement changes in the presentation of my stories and articles. Much of it involved including templates into the files that held the stories.

For Revenge of the Nerd I wanted to create the buttons at the bottom for next and previous automatically. Otherwise I would have to hard code the values into each chapter. That would increase the work needed to post each new chapter.

I wrote code to figure out the chapter number from the name of the file and the number of the last chapter from the file I include to display that. It also displays the current chapter number automatically - I don’t have to change it in a template.

The result of all of this is that if you have javascript turned off in your browser and don’t make an exception for my site, the javascript will not work and you will not see the current chapter number and the next and previous chapter buttons at the bottom will not work correctly.

I also use javascript for any button that pops up a form, like email and changing the colors and font size.

If you encounter problems with any of these things it is likely because you have javascript turned off.


I posted chapter 60 of Revenge of the Nerd on SOL yesterday. I got some comments about incorrect tense in the next to last line. After I corrected it I opened up the version posted on this site. It was already fixed.

With four versions, the Word version I write in initially and the versions for Lit, SOL and here, it takes a lot of work to made all the modifications when I find an error. I tried to speed up my ability to post by creating the postable files before they needed to be posted. The problem was: when I corrected one many chapters before another on another site, I might forget to make the changes.

I suppose I’ll work it all out eventually.


I just realized Booklocker raised the price of the paperback version of Circumstantial Evidence. When I can remember how I created the .gif, I’ll change the price on the logo.

The most immediate, most important new, or whatever-it-is news is now on the home page. I coded it so I could just produce a file with the latest latest without having to change the home page itself. I hope it will provide a way to quickly determine whether something of interest to you has been added.


Chapter 63 presented a problem I've faced before: I have to talk about something I don't know anything about, so I have to do research. Research is essential to get things right or almost right. The goal is to be close enough to right to create verisimilitude - the quality of appearing to be true or real. I'll probably write about that soon.


Progress has been really slow on Revenge of the Nerd because I got stuck on Chapter 62. I finally had a breakthrough this week and I'm moving ahead. I'm going to try really hard to get it done before all the tax returns hit.

Meanwhile, I've been working on making it easier on anyone who might have problems viewing the stories the way I've laid them out with my choices for background and text color. I had tough a time making it work in Internet Explorer and I'm not sure why, but I got it to work.

Click on the Pick Style button near the top on the right of most screens to get the choices. You can implement them in whatever story you're reading by clicking Accept. Use Save cookie to save the choices for 30 days. That way all stories reflect your choices. You can delete the cookies at any time by clicking Delete cookie. I'll probably modify the cookies to run to 2015 since they are so easily deleted. I'm not doing any kind of tracking; just saving text color, background color and font size.

12/11/2010 Thank you Anonymous!

I got this message from Anonymous@SOL

     What happens next!!??

That’s probably the best compliment an author can receive.


It is so easy to miss mistakes in a story. I had to edit Chapter 41 yesterday because I left an "o" out of too: you’re being much to lavish in your praise.

While I was rereading the chapter for errors before submitting to Literotica I also found: Don’t you remember how crazy I get from bringing you pleasure? From teasing you so badly you want to smack me?

I realized the second question was a fragment using the implied Don’t you remember from the first. So I corrected it to Don’t you remember how crazy I get from bringing you pleasure; from teasing you so badly you want to smack me?

I know that may seem picayune, but I hate to settle for good enough when I should be able to do a better job. And that takes time.


Why does it seem to or actually take so long to put out new chapters?

Today I got another reminder. Some of you probably read Chapter 40 of Revenge of the Nerd earlier. You read, “I haven’t had an inadequate supply of Jeff lately.” I read it more than a dozen other times before I noticed the in. I probably wrote I had an inadequate supply initially and didn’t notice the offending letters.

Editing feels like an endless process. Our minds fill in or subtract things that should or should not be there. That is a wonderful thing when we read something with mistakes because it enables us to read fairly smoothly what was supposed to be there. But it’s a real bitch for an editor, especially the author who knows what is supposed to be there. And then you finally notice it and fix it and you have to repost.

And all that happens after you come up with the ideas you want to write and try to fashion it the way you want to say it.


I admit it. I'm a nerd. Not that there was ever any question. I was looking for my next book to read. I have hundreds of mysteries, romances and non-fiction books on my shelves to choose from. I was having trouble picking one until I saw an exciting title: Mathematical Scandals!


I've changed my mind about not posting more than four chapters of Circumstantial Evidence. The book is still for sale and will never be posted online in its entirety regardless of how many chapters I ultimately decide to post.

I'm also planning to set up an opt-in mailing list. That way, if you're a regular visitor looking for the next chapter of Revenge of the Nerd I'll just email you when I post it or other new items.


If you’ve been here a few time you’ve seen a lot of things change. I thought ahead to how crowded and messy it would be putting links to all the chapters at the bottom of each chapter of Revenge of the Nerd so I replaced that with a button to go to the chapter screen where you can go to any chapter.

Breaking a story into small files with a chapter each makes it easier to continue reading from where you stopped. A huge file would require positioning the cursor and take much longer to load than smaller files.

I also realized it was difficult to give feedback from a story. It required going back to my home page then returning to the place you came from. This was required each time you wanted to send a message. I added a button for feedback to each chapter of Revenge of the Nerd and will add it to the other stories as time permits, which usually means ASAP.

I write all the code for my site without a generator to facilitate better control and less code. I’ve been bringing it all into compliance with the strict HTML standard so I don't have to do anything to fix it to keep working in the future. Feel free to make suggestions which I will feel free to reject if I don’t agree.


Chapter 22 is here. It will appear on Lit and SOL in a few days.


I finished editing Chapter 57 this afternoon (the chapters get much longer on average).


I’m reminded that people have lives independent of whatever happens to be important to me at any given time. I haven’t heard from my spa consultant, but I will act promptly when I do.

9/12/2010    News

Most recent chapter of Revenge of the Nerd posted: Chapter 21 on 9/11/2010.

I wrote the spa portion of chapter 22. The research and deciding what and how to describe it was excruciating. A woman could have just gone to a spa and deducted it.

It’s out for review with my spa consultant. I don't know how long she’ll take to get back to me or how long it will take to make whatever changes she suggests, but it's way ahead of oh, my what do I do.

I will try to keep up with questions readers have asked. I will also try to let you know what’s going on. My history suggests I will fall behind, but I’m going to try to keep up.