The Not Entirely Complete Works of Peter Schulman


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My Short Stories

I Can Explain      Will this be the first time in history a husband actually can explain?

Clark Kent Or Superman?      Will his response be mild-mannered or superhero?

What I Learned at Literotica      Learning how life really works through erotic story dogma

Midlife Crisis      Husband denies he's going through a midlife crisis.

The Taming of the Shrews      A couple fights each other to win. Will they both lose?

Wimp?      He throws a man through a second-story window then wonders if he has become a wimp

Fly On The Wall      A lawyer gets on a jury in an attempted murder case

The Ultimate Revenge      Wronged wife achieves the ultimate in revenge

When I Look Back      A wife is looking to spice up her life

And The Winner Is      A satire on bad writing

Fifth Place      He’s married. He’s dating. He lies to his wife. Can the new woman believe him when he says, “Trust me.”?

Revenge of the Nerd      A nerd shakes up the life of an insanely hot girl.  ( Chapter  84  added)

The First Silence      Remembering my dog Cassie

Oprah      An amusing story about my granddaughter.