The Not Entirely Complete Works of Peter Schulman


Jonathan Smith Stories

How did Jonathan get to be the magnificent mess he is in Circumstantial Evidence? What caused him to see most commands as throwaway remarks? Why does he have such problems doing things by the book?


Here are some of the experiences which helped shape his character.

 Insubordination      Is “John Smith” a freelance criminal, an undercover cop or something else entirely? He is not like anyone they have ever seen and in a criminal organization that is not considered an admirable quality. Can he survive to do whatever it is he is trying to do?

 The Longest Day      Young police detective Jonathan Smith has a very bad day. He is loaned to a vice operation he finds distasteful and hears things he finds incomprehensible. He pulls a second shift for an operation he finds ill-conceived and winds up in the emergency room, all while his wife is complaining he’s scheming to avoid coming home.