The Not Exactly Complete Works of Peter Schulman

Circumstantial Evidence

©2010 Peter Schulman


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Chapter 14

Lily Beauchamps called early that afternoon.

"Janet Reedy worked for Greater Midwestern Trust selling insurance. That's all she was licensed for. But her real job was making contacts.

"She fed her prospects to other employees who would sell annuities, mutual funds, REITs, pension vehicles, individual stocks and bonds, and just about any other legal investment concept. Janet got a percentage of anyone she brought in."

"So she was kind of a rainmaker, providing clients for other people?" I asked.

"She sold some insurance, but she made more from her cut of the other business. She did pretty well. She seemed to know people with a lot of money."

"We may have trouble getting information on her wealthy contacts. They usually have powerful friends to help ensure their privacy."

"Right," Lily said. "I didn't get much from the people she worked with either. Even though she had to work closely with them, Janet didn't socialize with anyone from work. They didn't know anything about her personal life."

"Do you think they were being truthful with you?"

"I didn't get the sense that anyone was hiding anything from me, but people have been known to lie."

"Was management any help?" I asked.

"Greater Midwestern Trust refused to turn over any information about Janet's clients, claiming confidentiality."

"If we can't develop other useful information on her, maybe I can subpoena their records. Thanks."

I called the District Attorney's Office. Wayne Watts was in charge of their case. He had a good reputation.

I asked him for access to Janet's apartment. He said they would give me whatever I had asked for in my informal discovery request.

For access to the apartment and the evidence they had already collected, he referred me to Detective Rachel Mattson.

She was my next call. She wasn't in. As much as I prefer to talk to people rather than leave a message, I left a message.

She called around four thirty. We arranged to meet at Janet's apartment at ten o'clock Thursday morning.

I know how to search an apartment, but it goes faster with two people. I called Lily. She wasn't in. I left a message. This could become a habit if I wasn't careful.

I got a leash and took Marble out for some training. I planned to train her as a personal protection dog, but obedience training always comes first.

Marble was a Blue Heeler, an Australian Cattle Dog. They are very bright, very active, and eager to work. She was white with streaks of blue all over.

We worked on recall which, as well as being the culmination of her training, would probably be the most important aspect. If she were to be allowed to walk, let alone work, off-leash, it would be essential to her and everyone else's safety that she come immediately when called.

We worked for about twenty minutes and I ended her session with a sit-stay while I brought Bob over and played with him for about ten minutes. Marble waited patiently until I released her. She came running to get in on the fun.

After the two dogs had their fill of my attention, they started to play with each other. Bob liked to play the aggressor despite Marble weighing four times as much. Pocahontas watched impassively.

I started dinner, went downstairs and worked out for forty-five minutes.

For dinner I defrosted homemade chili. It was ready at about the time the Phillies came on. I ate and watched simultaneously. All I lacked was a way to have sex while eating and watching the game.

A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?


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